Well Done 2013 Fellows!

Poster day 2014 was a resounding success. We were privileged to engage with the 15 2013 fellows as they shared the projects that they had completed during their first year of the fellowship. A fitting reflection on the day has been provided by Prof Jose Frantz:

“Well done to the 2013 fellows on presenting some excellent projects. To the 2014 fellows, it is important to note that all these projects also started as BIG projects but the SAFRI component of the project can also make an impact. In the projects presented , the SAFRI projects were used to 1) reach consenus on curriculum alignment; 2) highlight gaps in existing academic programs; 3) create an awareness around a need and 4) assess feasibility of introduction of new programmes. What we need to realise is that all these components or aspects are important for implementing change.”

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