Well Done 2013 Fellows!

Poster day 2014 was a resounding success. We were privileged to engage with the 15 2013 fellows as they shared the projects that they had completed during their first year of the fellowship. A fitting reflection on the day has been provided by Prof Jose Frantz:

“Well done to the 2013 fellows on presenting some excellent projects. To the 2014 fellows, it is important to note that all these projects also started as BIG projects but the SAFRI component of the project can also make an impact. In the projects presented , the SAFRI projects were used to 1) reach consenus on curriculum alignment; 2) highlight gaps in existing academic programs; 3) create an awareness around a need and 4) assess feasibility of introduction of new programmes. What we need to realise is that all these components or aspects are important for implementing change.”

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Preparing to celebrate 5 years of capacity development

Next year SAFRI will be celebrating it’s 5th year of building medical education and research capacity in Africa. This momentous occasion will be celebrated at the SAAHE conference in June, 2013. All SAFRI Fellows, are encouraged to attend the conference, which is a highlight of the academic calendar in itself.

2011 Fellows

Congratulations to the newly selected 2011 SAFRI fellows!

Barnard-Ashton Paula Mrs. University of the Witwatersrand South Africa
Brair Sara A.Prof(F) Al Neelain University Sudan
Chidzonga Midion Prof(M) University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Fawole Olufunmilayo (Funmi) Dr.(F) University of Ibadan Nigeria
Geduld Heike Dr.(M) UCT South Africa
Kagawa Mike Dr.(M) Makerere University Uganda
Labib Mohamed Prof.(M) University Teaching Hospital Lusaka Zambia
Manyama Mange Dr.(M) Weill Bugando University College of Health Science Tanzania
Masunge Japhter Dr.(M) University of Botswana Botswana
Meyer Ellenore Dr.(F) Medunsa South Africa
Mshana Stephen Mr. Weill Bugando University College of Health Science Tanzania
Ndhlovu Chiratidzo (Rati) Dr. (F) University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Ogah Adenike (Kemi) Dr.(F) Kampala International University, School of Health Science Uganda
Osman (Hallal) Shahd Miss. (F) Directorate of fedral ministry of health Sudan
Postma Thomas (Corne) Dr.(M) University of Pretoria South Africa
Rabenandrasana Alain Dr.(M) University de Mahajanga Madagascar
Kabanga Margaret Ms. Mulago Health College Uganda
Wolvaardt Jacqueline Liz) Mrs. (F) University of Pretoria South Africa

Announcement: The University of Maastricht International Masters in Health Professions Education Course.

The University of Maastricht International Masters in Health Professions Education Course began on 17 January 2011 in Brazil.  The two-year masters degree program is open to all health professionals in Latin America and Portugese speaking countries.  The course is in English and Portuguese and is co-directed by Jan van Dalen (University of Maastricht, School of Health Professions) and Stewart Mennin (USA and Brazil).

Inquiries and information are available from and at and

2010 Highlights

Educational awards:

  • Ben van Heerden received  special recognition for his  exceptional contribution to teaching and learning, when he was  recently selected as a recipient of a National Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award  of the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association (HELTASA) and the Council on Higher Education (CHE).
  • Angelika Schutte and Marietjie van Rooyen received a Laureat award from the University of Pretoria for L-CAS
  • Marietjie van Rooyen and David Cameron received a certificate award from the University of Pretoria for Block 16
  • Di Manning was awarded the Wits Faculty of Health Science Service Excellence Gold Medal December 2010

Promotions and appointments:

  • Elizabeth Wasserman, Jose Frantz and Enoch Kwizera promoted to full professors
  • Di Manning promoted to Adjunct Professor January 2011.
  • Gboyega Ogunbanjo appointed as Head of the Family Medicine department University of Limpopo, Medunsa campus
  • Frank Peters appointed as the Head of the Family Medicine department at Tembisa Hospital.
  • Francois de Villiers appointed as Director of the School of Medicine (acting) for the MEDUNSA Campus of UL for 2010 and (co-opted) member of EXCO (Executive Committee) of SAPA The SA Paediatric Association for 2011-2012

Fellowships awarded:

  • Vanessa Burch: Awarded a Fellowship by the Royal College of Physicians of London by peer review.
  • Gboyega Ogunbanjo: Awarded the Fellowship of the West African College of Physicians by peer review in the specialty of Family Medicine, for his contributions to the development and curriculum reviews/assessment processes of Family Medicine in West Africa.
  • Christian Ezeala: Awarded Professional Membership of the Royal Society of New Zealand (MRSNZ) in recognition of contributions to science

Degrees awarded:

  • Safina Musina officially graduated at Moi University.

Books published:

  • Marietjie van Rooyen and Angelika Reinbrech-Schutte.  Co-authors of the book published by Juta: Patient centred communication and counselling.
  • Mtshali N.G. & Middleton, L. (2010). The Triple Jump Assessment:Aligning Learning and Assessment- Chapter 14. In T. Barrett & S. Moore (Editors). New Approaches to Problem-based Learning Revitalizing Your Practice in Higher Education. Taylor & Francis Ltd: Routledge, UK. ISBN: 978-0-415-87149-5

Articles published:

  • JJ Blitz, M van Rooyen, DA Cameron, GP Pickworth, PH Du Toit. (2010) Is temperament a key to the success of teaching innovation?  AJHPE. 2(1):17-20
  • CC Ezeala, MO Ezeala, EO Dafiewhare Using portfolios to assess professional competence and development in medical laboratory sciences.
  • Manning, D., McKinley, D. and Chipamaunga, S 2010.  Students’ learning experience in a diversified academic environment. Medical Education. 44(5):493-494
  • Singaram, V.S,  Vleuten, van der, C.P.M., Berkel, van H. & Dolmans, D.H.J.M. (2010). Reliability and validity of a tutorial Group Effectiveness Instrument. Medical Teacher, 32, e133-e137.
  • Singaram, V. S., van der Vleuten, C. P. M., Stevens, F., & Dolmans, D. H. J.M. (2010). “For most of us Africans, we don’t just speak”: A qualitative Investigation into collaborative heterogeneous PBL group learning. Advances in health science education.
  • iKayihura, C. & Mtshali, N.G. (2010). Assessment of student nurses clinical learning in Rwanda. Africa Journal of Nursing & Midwifery. Vol12
  • Engelbretch, C., Shangase, N., Majeke, S., Mthembu, S. & Zondi, Z. (2010). IsiZulu Terminology development in nursing and midwifery. AlterNation, 17, 1: 252.
  • Mthembu,S. & Zakwe, F. Analysis of transition of newly qualified registered nurses during the first year of registration with South African Nursing Council. Journal of Community Health Sciences, 5(2): 9-14.
  • Van Wyk, J; Naidoo, SS & Esterhuizen, T (2010) Will graduating medical students practice in rural communities? South African Family Practice Journal. 52(2) pp 149-153

Presentations – national and international:

  • Felicia presented her poster at the Network Conference in NEPAL .
  • Hester Julie presented on Service-Learning: A South African Case Study at the Advancing Quality through Partnerships of Health Professions Education and Health Services Institutions, Nepal, Nov 18-21, 2010. (Co-author, Dr P Bartholomeus, Maastricht University) and The GHETS Gender-Based Violence Youth Mentoring Project at the Advancing Quality through Partnerships of Health Professions Education and Health Services Institutions, Nepal, Nov 18-21, 2010.
  • Juanita’s poster, entitled “The Show MUST Go On” received third place at the recent AMEE-congress (Association for Medical  Education in Europe) at Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Manning*, D, McKinley, D and Chipamaunga, S. Students’ experience of learning as a factor in academic success. Third National Conference of the South African Association for Health Educationalists. Johannesburg July 2010.
  • Witt*, J, McAlpine, A and Manning D Wits Medical School as an environment which encourages learning. Third National Conference of the South African Association for Health Educationalists. Johannesburg July 2010.
  • Maswanganyi*, T, Prozesky, D and Manning D. Are students in the University of the Witwatersrand Graduate Entry Medical Programme studying disciplines selectively and strategically? Third National Conference of the South African Association for Health Educationalists. Johannesburg July 2010.
  • Manning*, Dianne Teaching, learning and assessment in an integrated curriculum: the importance of access to specific disciplinary knowledge structures and discourse. Wits Faculty of Health Sciences Research Day September 2010.
  • E Kwizera: Poster Presentation at the 14th OTTAWA Conference in Miami, USA in May 2010, and an Oral Presentation to SAAHE in July 2010


  • Di Manning: Organising committee of 2010 conference, appointed to SAAHE Executive committee as co-chairman and organising committee for 2011 conference

Editorial appointments:

  • Gboyega Ogunbanjo: Appointed as editorial board member for the Advances in Medical Education and Practice Journal


  • Karien Mostert-Wentzel, José Frantz and Juanita Bezuidenhout : Medical Research Council (South Africa) Grant for Self-initiated Research (for three years)  Health graduates who provide effective relevant health care: Developing standards for undergraduate community physiotherapy in South Africa

2010 SAFRI Fellows

The first residential session of the 2010 Southern Africa-FAIMER Regional Institute (SAFRI) took place March 3-9, 2010, in Cape Town, South Africa, under the direction of Vanessa Burch and Gboyega Ogunbanjo. The 2010 SAFRI Fellows are:

Susan Achora, B.Sc., M.Sc., R.N., Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Mbarara, Uganda

Tahra Al-Mahdi, M.B.B.S., M.Sc., Ahfad University for Women, Omdurman, Sudan

Melanie Alperstein, B.Soc.Sc., Nursing PG Dip., University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

Alan Barnard, M.B.Ch.B., M.Phil., University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

Hoffie Conradie, M.B.Ch.B., M.Med., Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hester Julie, M.P.H., R.N., University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa

Solomon Lubinga, M.Sc., B.Pharm., Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Mbarara, Uganda

Farai Madzimbamuto, M.B.Ch.B., M.Med., University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana

Clemence Marimo, D.D.S., M.Ch.D., University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia

Sindisiwe Mthembu, M.D., University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa

Ismat Mutwali, M.B.B.S., M.D., Alzaeim Alazhari University, Khartoum, Sudan

Catherine Mwesigwa, B.D.S., Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

Scovia Nalugo, B.Sc., M.Sc., D.P.P.M., Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

Carmen Oltmann, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa

Angelika Reinbrech-Schutte, M.B.Ch.B., M.Med., University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

Michael Rowe, B.Sc., M.Sc., University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa

Inaugural Issue of African Journal of Health Professions Education Published

The inaugural issue of the African Journal of Health Professions Education (AJHPE) opens with an editorial that asks and answers a question; “Does Africa need another journal?” Co-Director of the Southern Africa-FAIMER Regional Institute Vanessa Burch (PHIL 2001), M.B.Ch.B., M.Med., Ph.D., authored the piece as the journal’s Editor. Dr. Burch explains that AJHPE is the only journal focusing specifically on health professions education and related topics on the continent of Africa. That health professions education is vital to solving the health care problems in Africa makes this journal more important than ever.

The bi-annual, peer-reviewed publication carries research articles, letters, editorials, practical education pieces, and opinion pieces for health professionals. The journal’s editorial board is committed to supporting the global exchange of knowledge and provides free, public access to the full journal content online.

The first issue features contributions from three more FAIMER Fellows: an article co-authored by Enoch Kwizera (PHIL 2007), another co-authored by Chinmay Shah (GSMC 2008), and a letter from Ben Van Heerden (PHIL 2006).

To access the African Journal of Health Professions Education, please visit

Enoch Kwizera Delivers Inaugural Professorial Lecture

Enoch N. Kwizera, M.B.Ch.B., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Department of Pharmacology
Walter Sisulu University
Mthatha, South Africa

Congratulations to FAIMER Institute 2007 Fellow and SAFRI faculty member Enoch Kwizera, who recently delivered his inaugural address as Professor in the Department of Pharmacology in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Walter Sisulu University (WSU) in Mthatha, South Africa. Dr. Kwizera’s lecture was entitled “25 Years of Training Doctors at WSU: How Have We Responded to the 1983 UNITRA Council Guidelines?” Dr. Kwizera had originally planned on delivering a lecture on a pharmacological topic, but changed instead to a health professions education topic, both in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Flexner Report and to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the WSU Faculty of Health Sciences with a topic that he thought would be “the appropriate and, hopefully, more interesting one.” In 1983, the University of Transkei (UNITRA), now part of WSU, established guidelines for medical education that emphasized training health professionals to: serve the local community, educate communities about taking personal responsibility for health, think critically and creatively to solve health care problems, teach the importance of prevention, learn continuously, and practice with high ethical standards. Dr. Kwizera addressed whether the challenges issued by UNITRA 27 years ago have been met.