Fellowship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Each year applicants from across Sub-Saharan Africa are selected to participate in the SAFRI fellowship programme. There are a number of questions that we receive from applicants each year.

“I am interested in doing this fellowship but do not work for a University or college, can I still apply?”
No. This fellowship in Health Professions Education and Leadership requires that fellows have some experience in teaching in a higher education institution for at least 2 years at the start of their fellowship.

“I have been invited to accept the fellowship but will not be able to attend one of, or part of a session for personal reasons. Will SAFRI allow this concession?”
Unfortunately not. The curriculum for the residential sessions of the fellowship requires fellows to attend every session for the duration of the time that they are invited to attend. In the past, applicants have selected not to accept the invitation due to this rule and we aspire to remain consistent in the application of this rule as a matter of precedent.

“I have never been to Cape Town and would like to have some time for sightseeing while attending the session. Is this allowed?”
Yes. The residential sessions consist of full days of workshops and working sessions. There are however periods of free time in the evening during which many fellows choose to socialise with each other while taking in some of the sights. You could also arrange to arrive early on the day before you start your fellowship residential session and use that time for sightseeing.

“Can I expect the SAFRI fellowship to place a lot of strain on my already high workload?”
The SAFRI mentors and faculty will work with you to ensure that your innovation project is manageable. It will require approximately 300 hours to complete, with the online sessions requiring an hour of work per week. This fellowship has been successfully completed by a large number of individuals with a range of responsibilities, from lecturers to Deans! We know that you will be able to do it.